Sunday, September 1, 2013

Versace Fall 2013 Couture Collection

                                                                      Naomi Campbell
From the very beginning, it was clear that Versace Fall 2013 Couture show was going to be spectacular. Although spectacular is not a word to use when you are talking about the Queen of Catwalk – Naomi Campbell, who opened the first haute couture show of the season. The way she strides down the runway can’t leave any single person untouched, and Donatella Versace was well aware of this fact. Who else, if not Naomi, could model that luxurious seduction that awashed all the collection pieces?

Atelier Versace Fall 2013 Couture Collection: 

Luscious and Tempting

The gifted fashion designer and the famous model, who was enjoying her first appearance on the Versace runway in 15 years, seemed to be an excellent duo to lead the way and open Paris Fashion Week. The inspiration for Atelier Vercace Fall 2013 Couture collection was the black-and-white photography of the thirties “Horst and Man Ray”. This is how Donatella explained her choice:
"What is extraordinary about those pictures is that they are perfect, in an era when there was no retouching. The perfection comes from the lighting, and the make-up, and the hair and the clothes. All those things have to be perfect. And this seems relevant, because couture needs to be that impeccable."

I must admit, this collecton won’t fit any woman. Only a self-confident and a gracile lady, who is used to tempting everyone around with her astonishing beauty, will make a perfect match to gorgeous Atelier Versace Couture collection pieces. It is quite hard to find the right words, when you describe something as breathtaking and absolutely glorious as a midnight blue choker dress. This sequined piece of tulle makes my mind wander in places far away from where I actually am. Eiffel Tower, this splendid gown, and myself wearing it, would make such a marvelous trio, that I am sure any artist would beg to put this wonderful scene on his canvas.

I might change my mind and pose in that stunning embellished black gown with a loop against a different background. Let it be the Louvre Pyramid this time. I bet, the artist wouldn’t be the only one willing to use me as a muse for his new masterpiece. Some talented photographer could also be interested in adding a photo of me to his portfolio. This time I would wear a mind-blowing sheer tulle jumpsuit, embellished with sequins.
 If you are by any chance invited to some royalty’s party, do not even think about showing up in that awesome black dress with an open panel exposing your embroidered bustier. Surely, all the men will immediately fall in love both with you and the dress. But the reason you shouldn’t do this is that the female part of the guests will simply faint. And, as a result, you will be kindly escorted to the exit.
If you are still debating whether Atelier Versace Fall 2013 Couture collection is too bold for you, check out our gallery below and make up your mind. Somehow I know you will die for any of these outfits, without spending a single second to think over.



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