Monday, September 23, 2013

Palace Suite of the Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi

Found within the wealthiest emirate of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, the Emirates Palace had cost a mind-boggling $3.8 billion to design and build. The most staggering suite of the Emirates Palace, the Palace Suite, covers a total of 7,319 square feet and can be rented for around 10.350 Euro ($14,000) per night. World Travel Awards has recently presented it with the award for the best hotel suite in the Middle East.

It comprises 3 bedrooms, provided with private balconies, a lounge area and a dining room. It could fit the requirements of even the most discerning guests, celebrities, businessmen, magnates, statesmen etc. thanks to their style and the immensely obvious attention to detail they boast with.

The bedrooms were exquisitely appointed the Diamond Room (comprises a touch screen panel through guests can control the room’s entire amenities like in-room entertainment, air conditioning or lights), the Master Bedroom and the Pearl Bedroom.

Each room features marble surfaces imported from 13 different countries and 50 inch flat screen TVs, while a 24 hour personal butler is ready to fulfill guests’ every wish. In addition, whatever foods guests choose, and regardless of the location they enjoy it in, they were cooked by award winning chefs from all over the world.

The dining room for example would take us more than a day to describe, so we’ll only mention a few features, like a deluxe chandelier, seating for eight and personal servers.

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