Sunday, September 15, 2013

Herve Leger Spring/Summer 2014 Dresses

It is not a secret that every woman has a strong affection for dresses. The latter might vary in their styles and colors, but as long as it is a frock, it will be worshipped by any lady. One might wonder what makes us love a mere piece of fabric so much. Reasons differ, but all of them eventually result in one single conclusion – they make us feel even more beautiful then we are. Whereas pants and shorts are something that doesn’t distinguish one’s gender at all, a dress is solely a woman’s piece. As if trying to remind us of the great significance this clothing piece enjoys, Herve Leger offers a wide range of breath-taking frocks in his Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Herve Leger is best known for the brand’s signature body con dresses that are able to blow any man’s mind. And to be honest, not only man’s – I am sure women go super envy whenever they spot a female rival with more voluptuous features. Herve Leger dress is the one that proved to stress the sensuality of a female body the most.
In this particular collection, Max Azria tried to both avoid the body con cliche (no matter how gorgeous it is, the audience is always for innovations) and take a slightly different path. Well, I wouldn’t say that he really managed to do it – the outfits are still pretty recognizible and you can easily spot that familiar silhouette.

I would say that the stretch-bandage was updated rather than totally changed. You can track this tendency as you look through the show images, but this time you will notice some variations. Ruffled hemlines and embellishment along with studs and leather panels definitely add a specific zest that was unknown to the fans of the brand before.

My favorite dress is a navy blue one, with embroidered patterns in different colors. What makes this frock so special for me is actually the unique styling. The waistline has some kind of a belt, a very wide one and in leather. Four zippers featured on the black accessory add a punk or somewhat grunge touch to the outfit. Plus, you will see the matching detail on the hemline of the magnificent garment. I love the length as well as the thigh-skimming fit of the dress.

Another piece of the collection that is worth being mentioned is a knee-length strapless dress, which is patterned in multicolored blocks. You will spot white, charcoal gray, redwood brown, beige, coral and black – shades that seem to have nothing in common, but happen to complement each other so greatly. One thing I like about this article of clothing is that it has fringed panels in matching colors. I have never thought myself to be a fan of fringe, but looks like this dress just proved it wrong.

One more outfit that will turn the ignition key of your imagination is this wondrous, elegant and super hot dress in yale blue. Any woman who decides to rock this frock will be the crowned as a queen of the night, trust me! The length is pretty decent here – just a little over the knee-height. It is the top of the dress that will draw all the attention. The decollete, formed in a shape of a tear drop, reveals the most appealing part of a female body so matter-of-factly, that there is no ground for calling it outrageous or avantgarde. As if matching the impressive cleavage, two small cut-outs above the waistline add more spiciness to the look. The dress is embellished with rhinestones and studs, which makes it clear that any lady will shine in it.

Herve Leger Spring/Summer 2014 collection is absolutely incredible. If you still doubt it, take a look at the photos and draw your conclusion.

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