Thursday, October 31, 2013

Emirates hooks up A380 planes to Wi-Fi

Middle Eastern airline Emirates has announced the launch of wireless internet access on board its fleet of flagship super-jumbo A380 aircraft.
Customers flying the massive planes, which operate between Dubai and destinations such as Paris and London, will now be able to use wifi-enabled devices on selected routes, Emirates confirmed December 12.
Eleven of the airline’s 19 planes have now been kitted out with the technology, with the remainder of the fleet following suit in the coming months.

Emirates, which has a total of 71 A380 aircraft on order, says that from next summer, the planes will be delivered with the technology as standard.
Prices start from 5.50 Euro ($7.50) for mobile devices, which will be sufficient to keep a Blackberry user connected all the way between Paris and Dubai, and 11 Euro ($15) for laptops.

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