Friday, October 4, 2013

J. M. Brabazon Supercar by Minerva

If you’ve never heard about the Belgian car manufacturer Minerva, we can’t really blame you, since this company’s golden days were far before our modern times, before the World Wars even. However, Minerva is about to be resurrected through their latest project, which is a mind-bogglingly fast and beautiful supercar called J. M. Brabazon. The car was named as such honoring John Moore Brabazon of Tara, who was a part of Minerva’s management board while also serving as a race pilot.

As for the car itself, it will be built using high-end technologies and materials, including carbon fiber for its chassis and Kevlar for the body itself. Moreover, the hybrid powertrain will feature a stunning combination of V12 might and electric motor efficiency.

Other details include a maximum speed of over 248 mph as well as different driving modes suited for different weather and road conditions. Visually speaking, it seems that Minerva’s designers drew inspiration from the Audi R8 model when creating the Brabazon, but they also saw fit to equip it with clever LED lights and stunning 19-inch alloy wheels. We will just have to wait and see just how expensive this thing will turn out to be and whether it will become a worthy rival for other supercars in its class.

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