Friday, October 4, 2013

Gucci Bamboo Confidential

I am sure all ladies share my affection for accessories. What else, if not a saucy jewelry piece, headscarf or belt can complete the look, adding that catchy touch that we happen to miss so often? What all the looks crave, regardless of their style and design, is a stylish handbag. Plus, it is quite fucntional, as it lets you carry all your belongings with you. Thus, a bag has to be both beautiful and comforatble to wear. Unfortunately, today, with the great number of offered pieces, we struggle to choose the one that fits us the best. Moreover, sometimes a handbag misses one or the other crucial feature. So what to do in such a case? No need to consult with a personal stylist – instead, have a look at Bamboo Confidential bag by Gucci.

Fall 2013 Most Elegant Handbag: Gucci Bamboo Confidential

Italian fashion house is always up to magnificent creations. Frida Giannini definitely knows how to tempt us with marvellous pieces. I am totally obsessed with this gorgeous handbag, which will perfectly fit into my style. No matter what outfit I wear, this bag will complement it, adding a sophisticated touch.

The bag was first introduced in 1947 and still stays in vogue. Gucci slightly modified the design and presented this refined model to the eye of fashion audience in two styles: Lady Look and Bamboo Shopper. To show how mind-blowing the new-comers are, the brand released an ad campaign. The ad was filmed at the location in London at Savoy. I love the seductive way this campaign is presented, making us want to get the bag even more.

Bamboo Shopper bag comes in four colors, including black, blue, red and jaguar print (which is my favorite one). Either one of them is a perfect choice for a lady with quite a busy schedule and an impeccable fashion taste. Check out the gallery to see more photos of the stylish piece and choose the one that appeals to you the most!

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