Monday, November 4, 2013

Jelena Petijević, the creator of Peti fashion brand

New IN BLOOM collection by fashion designer Jelena Petijević, is feminine, sophisticated and airy, with loads of romantic motifs…
Jelena Petijević, the creator of Peti fashion brand, who is a dentist and a fashion designer, says that here life guides are knowledge and beauty. In both of her professional callings “capable hands” are a must have, and of course, a sense of beauty. She appreciates her experience and knowledge she got in Belgrade schools, and also her education in the fields of health, nutrition and aesthetic, but the most precious knowledge she got is the sense of becoming a better person when you have kids, kinder and richer, because then you learn about unconditional love which never seizes to exist.

Like every lady, Jelena Petijević liked being surrounded with pretty things since she was a little girl, and began thinking of the ways for creating and painting her own beautiful things in the early teen age. Her imagination and creativity were always a part of her unique personality. She finds inspiration for her work all around here, in everything she sees and feels… Like smells of nature, color of the sky, kids drawings, old movies and travels…

There are no compromises in her designs; they always carry her style, a part of her personality and understanding of aesthetics and beauty. Every design she makes is attractive by itself, and this fashion designer states that she feels true pleasure when people see something special in her designs and when they want to wear them and enjoy in them.
 She presented her fall 2013 collection recently on a solo show, during the Belgrade Fashion Week. In her collection IN BLOOM layers and attention devoted to details are the key words. You can feel the atmosphere of the historic costumes of Europe in the past times in her clothes. Her designs get their form from perfect modeling and quality materials.

Hand sawed silk applications talk about distinctive and sophisticated sensibility of the designer. Her desire to recreate historical costumes into fashionable and wearable clothes is settled into an urban city, which become tranquil for a moment with the pleasant colors of a blooming garden.
Jelena Petijević’s fashion show was marked with a fairy tale atmosphere, which tickled the imagination of every person in the audience.

“If one designer wants to be successful, he or she has to have a great desire, a lot of effort and sleepless nights. Everyone carries a talent hidden deep inside them, and that talent needs to be allowed to swim up to surface, in the perfect time and place. I was always the kind of person with a plan for every possible situation, but this time, I want to take things slow, so every step is the right one…” says Jelena.

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