Sunday, November 17, 2013

Valentin Yudashkin Spring/Summer 2014

Valentin Yudashkin

Valentin Yudashkin is here as well. This Russian designer has proved long ago that he is capable of great things. This marvelous gown in gold and white looks like an outfit of a queen. Very impressive embellishment on the bodice and flare skirt complement each other, making me wipe off my mouth in strong excitement.

A Classy Glam Goddess, is how I’d describe today’s Valentin Yudashkin collection. Using hues of: cobalt, gold, Emerald, and Daffodil. Valentin Yudashkin definitely has the perfect wardrobe for any women, from day to night. For a daytime feel, Yudashkin incorporated the slouch in his Bedazzled and silk suits, creating that Sexy sleepwear feel. So Chic for Spring. 

The paisley like prints definately created a contrast, paired with those almost pajama like silk pants. Silk dresses in shades of Coblast and Gold, really created a tea party like, and cocktail like feel. Especially with that instant hourglass shape created. But Yudashkin dared to leave everyone Speechless with his array of Glam Golden gowns, draped in Jewels and Feathers. That were almost Couture like. Definitely a Classy Glam Goddess.

 Valentin Yudashkin

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