Monday, November 4, 2013

Rolls Royce unveils bespoke Chicane Phantom Coupe

The first thing that pops into our minds when we think of chicanes are racing circuits with long high-speed straights followed by curvy S-shaped set of turns; but can a Rolls Royce possibly fit into the picture? No? Well, the luxury automaker wants you to think otherwise. Rolls Royce’s own personalization department ‘Bespoke’ has come up with a one-off Phantom Coupe for the automaker’s brand manager in Dubai, Mohammed EL-Arishy. Named the Chicane Phantom Coupe, the very special RR is inspired by the Mecca of motorsports, the Goodwood racing circuit.
Rolls Royce claims that its Bespoke Chicane Phantom Coupe is meant to evoke the history and heritage of the Goodwood racetrack and the inspiration for it struck to EL-Arishy while gazing at historic pictures at the Goodwood Hotel near the Rolls’ Goodwood production facility. The regular wooden-finish trim of the cabin has been swapped for carbon fiber to give it a feel of modern day racing machines. Even the wooden steering wheel has been replaced, but strangely the special edition Phantom Coupe has retained the LED studded Starlight headliner. 
The seats are upholstered in bright-red leather with checkered flag motif stitched on it. On the outside, the same theme continues with a gunmetal paintjob for the body. The bonnet and windscreen pillars are finished in a matte black and the colored wheels is matched with the main exterior paint finish. But strangely, all the race-derived body enhancements have not been accompanied with any performance upgrades. Mechanically, it is same as the normal Phantom Coupe. There is no word on the pricing of the one-off special edition Chicane Phantom Coupe or even is sold or still waiting for a buyer to pick it up. 

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