Monday, November 4, 2013


Porsche is „Brand of the Year“ and Matthias Mueller is „Brand Manager of the Year“

The sports car maker and the CEO of Porsche AG received these awards at the 2013 Automotive Brand Contest during the International Auto Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. The German Design Council acknowledged „in particular the consistent and pathbreaking brand management of Porsche, which, for decades, has been able to put an unmistakeable face on attributes such as longevity, value and quality through their automobiles.“

Of course, Matthias Mueller was very pleased with this recognition during the award ceremony. At the same time, he underlined the very high standards that he demands from his marque: „Above all, Porsche means premium, which stands for the best quality without compromise. We will never be satisfied with what we have achieved, but always want to improve a bit further.“ In addition to the Porsche brand and Mr Mueller, the new super sports car 918 Spyder, the latest generation Cayman and the Panamera S E-Hybrid were all recognized for their very successful design. The new show room concept for Porsche Centers together with Porsche Web Specials and the customer magazine Christophorus were also recognized.

Despite the continued strive for progress it is equally important for the chairman, to always offer reliabilty as a brand. „Our customers expect automobiles that combine pure sportiness with elegance, the highest quality, innovative technology and daily usability,“ says Mueller. „This is our one and only yardstick whenever we prepare a model change or develop new cars.“ 

It has been this sentiment, which secured Porsche a unique position in the premium segment over the past decades. The 911 sports car icon, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, is a prime example for what can be achieved when tradition and progress are ideally combined.

The 911 successfully holds its own in the car market for five decades, longer than any other sports car. During all those years it has remained true to itself and became the unmistakeable face of Porsche to the world. Yet, for Matthias Mueller this means a particular challenge, namely „to transplant those unique genes onto our other model lines. But so far, we have very well succeeded in accomplishing just that, and we’ll be happy to continue being judged by it in the future.“

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