Thursday, January 30, 2014


2013 saw the launch of the CaryAli by Alloy Yachts. The CaryAli was designed to combine elegance and luxury with the ruggedness of an explorer vessel. It’s equally comfortable dropping anchor off the coast of France as it is slipping along the stark ice walls of Antarctica.
The CaryAli is 128 feet long. The exteriors and underlying architecture were done by René van der Velden, and the beautiful interiors were designed by Grossman Interiors, Redman Whiteley Dixon and Alloy Yachts. ​​
At first glance, the CaryAli may look a little old-fashioned with a no-nonsense exterior you’d find in a classic oceanographic research or navy vessel. But delve inside and you’ll find a luxurious home.
Inside, you’ll find such touches as hand rubbed walnut paneling, leather venetian blinds, upholstery such as mohair and silk​​, sliding glass doors, a fully equipped gym, and large windows for panoramic backdrops.
Outside there’s a sun deck with a bar and grill area, a dining area, game table, and a large Jacuzzi.

​​​The CaryAli consists of one main deck master suite and four lower deck guest quarters that can house 10 people.  The CaryAli by Alloy Yachts mixes modern sensibilities with timeless design. 

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