Thursday, January 16, 2014

Powerful Weineck Cobra 780 CUI Supercar

With a perfect blend of great looks and mind-boggling power, the Weineck Cobra is definitely one of the most impressive supercars in the world right now. With no less than 1100 horsepower under the hood, this classy-looking vehicle is limited to just 15 units worldwide, all of which have already found an owner.
The 780 cubic inch V8 that can be found under the hood was made by a company called Donovan Engineering, whose experts put it together using a series of Weineck Engineering parts, including the crankshafts, pistons, connecting rods and heads. Furthermore, the massive hood scope you can see in the pictures is not there purely for aesthetic purposes, but it ensures much needed airflow and cooling for the massive engine. As far as performance is concerned, this beastly-looking machine is capable of doing a 100kmh (0-62 mph) sprint in just 2.3 seconds, as well as a 300 kmh (0-186 mph) sprint in just 10 seconds.
Each and every one of these stunning cars were made in Germany, and they retailed for 548.300 Euro ($746,000). However, one model will be available for purchase during the Paris Auction held by RM Auctions in February. Will you be the one to take it home?

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