Monday, January 20, 2014

Top Most Expensive Cigars in the World

Cigars have been one of the most ancient forms of smoking and dates back to early 1100s if not more. Their history is multinational and richly colourful to say the least. They have been a symbol of relaxation, elegance and decadence. They have been a symbol of authority and command over decades, and have been one of the permanent fixtures of noted and powerful men around the world. Perfect cigar can be hard to label as variety in processing tobacco, their blends and much more. Here are some of the most expensive cigars from around the world:

Padrón Series 1926 80 Years:  Priced at 30.00 USD, the Padrón Series 1926 80 Years was to celebrate the 80th birthday of Jose Orlando Padron, the owner of the company. Though one of the cheapest premium cigars, they come both in natural and maduro wrappers.

  Cohiba Esplendido: One of the most renowned Cuban cigars, the Cohiba Express is priced at 34.00 USD each. They are available in various packing sizes, and have been in production for the mid-sixties in Havana.

 Stadivarius Churchill : Priced at 34.70 USD, these cigars come in packs of ten, rolled in individual wrappers inside a humidor chest. What makes these cigars special is the perfect blend of Mexican, Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco, which is rolled in exclusive Dominican Habano Seed wrapper leaf.
Louixs: Priced at 50.00 USD, the Louixs cigars are dubbed as the ‘finest cigars money can buy,’ by their manufacturers. Available in Rosado wrappers, these cigars are the house cigars for Beverly Hills Cigar Club. They have a six inch by sixty ring gauge size, and are manufactured by Goldwin Metropolitan Company.

Arturo Fuente Opus X BBMF: Manufactured by the Arturo Fuente, the BBMF actually stands for Big Bad Mother F*****. The Arturo Fuente is the first acclaimed Cigar maker, and has a distinct flavour and taste. Each of these 7 inch cigars costs 55.00 USD, and presently is very difficult to locate, with low production.

 Fuente Don Arturo AnniverXario: It was released in 2008, though created in 2001. Priced at 78 USD each, it was a tribute to the senior Fuente, from whom Carlito Fuente bought the AF cigars in 1958. The price for the company was just 1 USD. The cigars are packed in a chest priced at 7,500 USD. The chest houses 46 natural wrapper cigars and 46 maduro wraps.

Arturo Fuente Opus X “A”: This is another premium cigar from the house of Arturo Fuento. This is also the most expensive one from the makers, priced at 79 USD apiece. It is a 43 ring gauge girth and about 9.2 inches long. You might have to shell out some more to enjoy this one, as it is very rare too.
 Cohiba Behike: The Cohiba Behike was released in a limited special edition release in 2006, to mark the 40th anniversary of Cuban cigar manufacturers. There were only 100 humidors released, and each humidor contained only 40 of these special cigars, and the price tag for these humidors are priced at 18,000 USD. What makes these cigars special is the rarity of these 4000 hand rolled cigars. They were rolled by a Cuban lady Norma, and each of these special edition cigars are priced at about 450 USD.
Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve: Each of the masterpieces is priced at 750 USD each. Each of these cigars are 7.5 inch long and 52 ring gauge, and are available in boxes of 20, priced at 15,000 USD each. The cigars are made from 18-year-old tobacco, and the leaves are soaked in Louis XII de Remy Martin cognac which is one of the most expensive Cognacs, too. Personally dolled out by K. Hansotia the owner, the company produces only 100 such boxes every year.

Gurkha Black Dragon : One of the most expensive cigars in the world, each Gurkha Black Dragon is priced at 1,150 USD. Each of these cigars is 8.5 inch long, and 52 ring gauge in girth. The limited edition line of Black Dragon is manufactured from an international mix of rich tobacco rolled under a leafy sheath. The cigars were packed in hand crafted camel bone cigar chests. Each of these chest was priced at 115,000 USD.
Mayan Sicars: Discovered by teams of archaeologists from Tampa University during excavating sites around Guatemala, they were found in a clay pot labelled ‘Sicars’, which literally means ‘to smoke rolled tobacco leaves’ in Yucatec. The word ‘Sicar’ is also considered to be the origin of the word Cigars. These 600 year old cigars are extremely well preserved and experts opine that they can be smoked. They are up for grabs for 200,000 USD each.

Other than these listed here, there are some more cigars that can be considered as premium cigars. King of Denmark Cigars can be customised with gold foils with names written on them, and they can also be personalised with diamond, gold or silver crowns. A pack of thirty cigars can come for 4,500 USD only.  The ‘El Gigante’ is a gigantic cigar is also available for 200,000 USD. Made from 1600 pounds of tobacco this gigantic cigar is 1920 ring gauge, and special adjustments have been made for the smoking pleasure of 40 people simultaneously.

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