Tuesday, April 1, 2014


A frame chair of an extreme luxury, this is the newly made collection by Georgi and Petar Slokoski, known for their innovative concepts, sometimes eccentric but undoubtedly successful when it comes to a demanding clientele who looks for what’s done best.

The Bulgarian brothers amaze once again thanks to this elegant design, coming straight from imperial palaces, a selection of chairs inspired from the idea of ‘Memories yet to come’. These neo artists inlay smooth and silky chairs into sculpted lime-tree frames.

The idea is to put you into a portrait picture that’s overflowing with extravaganza. These frames varnished in silver or gold with a floral signature all around the body. Presented in a diversity of styles, these frame chairs are at once, classic, modern and contemporary. Conceived in two colors: grey and deep purple, those chairs of a new kind, come in an immaculate finishing that arouses a clear baroque side, executed in the rules of art.

Take place in this noteworthy event to closely discover these artistic creations. This’d be the opportunity to stop by the accurate details shown the perfect way by these two artists, who obviously have a lot more to say.

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