Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Aston Martin DB9 Black & White Carbon Editions

Rather than outright performance, style and what Aston Martin describes as “visual drama” are the hallmarks of the new special editions. DB9 Carbon Edition maintains the irresistible blend of potency, beauty and technical expertise of the current DB9 with styled exterior and interior features. Offered in a choice of Carbon Black or Stratus White, and in both Coupe and Volante formats, each model exudes a visual magnetism !

Beautiful in form, lightweight in function, the Aston Martin DB9 Carbon Black and Carbon White editions feature five striking exterior details : front splitter, mirror caps, side strake, rear lamp infills and rear diffuser, to create a dark design theme either complementing ou constrating with the choice of the exterior paint.
Bold exterior, opulent interior, the carbon-fibre facia, the paddle-tips and the door pulls weave interior to exterior as supple leather cossets to create a unique driving environment. An optional accent of red, silver, or yellow flashes through stiching, interior welt and head-rest embroidery bring a spark of light !
Bespoke sill plaques with the Carbon Black or Carbon White logo, communicate the cars’ rarity. This signature of distinction completes Aston Martin’s sense of detail ! Aston Martin Design Director Marek Reichman explained: “The classic DB9 Carbon Black and daring DB9 Carbon White special editions give this timeless GT a fresh and highly desirable new appearance.”
Of course the styling changes don’t alter the DB9’s inherent grand touring capabilities, qualities that make it the world’s most admired and desired GT. DB9 and its cutiing-edge AM11 V12 engine deliver peak power of 517 PS and a sprint time of just 4.6 secs.
Moreover, the new Carbon editions accentuate the 295Kmh (183 mph) DB9’s 6.0-litre V12 potential through a strong dark theme underpinned by a unique combination of lightweight carbon fibre features. The Aston Martin DB9 Carbon Edition achieves maximum impact, fusing simplicity, discretion and drama in a unique dark or white theme. DB9 Carbon Edition makes a statement without saying a word!

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