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Zambia’s Lower Zambezi is renowned throughout Africa for its magnificent herds of wild elephant, exceptional predator viewing and of course the Zambezi River. It’s also home to one of the continent’s most spectacular and unique private homes : the Chongwe River House.

Tailor your private safari

Chongwe River House sleeps eight in four spacious ensuite bedrooms, making an ideal safari base for a family or a group of friends wanting a private safari. It stands on the banks of the magical Chongwe River, close to the Zambezi, and with a sensational view of the dramatic mountainous escarpment beyond.

Many animals come to the Chongwe River to drink and from the deck the game viewing can be as good as any safari activity. The property comes fully staffed with Chongwe’s resident head guide Matt Porter, house managers Scott Simpson and Kim Bailey, private chefs and a full complement of support staff – all of whom will tailor your private safari.

As guests at the house private vehicles, guides, canoes, a boat and an armed scout for walking safaris are all at your disposal. All activities can be tailored to your individual requirements. The location of the house is superb. The Chongwe River, a quiet tributary of the Zambezi, borders the Lower Zambezi National Park offering 4000 square kilometres of pristine wilderness that teems with game. Being on the Zambezi River is a memorable experience… whether canoeing, bird watching along the islands by boat, or taking a fishing trip to do battle with the famous tiger fish.

Many guests are happy to spend the day chilling on the deck. The chances are you will see elephant wandering around the grounds or crossing the river. Impala, kudu and many other species come to the water to drink. If you sit long enough, all Africa will come to you.
Nature into the house

Chongwe River House is a unique private house set on the banks of the peaceful river Chongwe by the Lower Zambezi National Park of Zambia. This beautiful and unusual house set in the heart of the bush is luxuriously secluded.

Chongwe River House features four bedrooms built around a frame of wild wood with ferro walls following the natural lines of the branches. All the furniture in the sitting room has been carved from a single fallen winterthorn tree and coloured pebbles from the river decorate the ceilings. Nature has been brought into the house.

The bedrooms all have kingsized plus beds under waves of netting. From each bed there is a stunning view of the bush or the escarpment. The bathrooms have waterfall showers and exquisite basins carved from wood and white marble by the Zambian artist Eddie Mumba. From your outside baths you can lie and gaze out across the bush.

Sitting on the deck, under a huge winterthorn tree and next to the large pool, your view across the Zambezi escarpment is magnificent. In the foreground the Chongwe River, a magnet to wildlife, passes by.

The Chongwe River House is unique, and ultimately a breath of fresh air. Located on the banks of the magical Chongwe River, close to the Zambezi, the Chongwe River House is the perfect safari base for a family or a group of friends wanting a private safari.

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