Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Elie Saab is among the other brands that shared the stunning collection for fall. I am sure you already have a very clear image of what the collection is going to be about. When it comes to these Lebanese designer, even your boldest dreams may come true. The maestro has no limits of the beauty perception at all. Every single line that he creates is a constellation of adorable masterpieces worthy to die for. I might sound a bit biased, but to be honest, I don’t even try to hide it. Elie Saab is one of my favorite designers, as his outfits are usually the most exquisite and delicate ones. No matter which season it is that he designs a collection for, all the emsembles will be full of glorious touch and elegant look. Scroll down to see more of the brand’s Fall 2014 line

Elie Saab Fall/Winter 2014/2015

Elie Saab surprised me a lot. Actually I was expecting a whole bunch of sophisticated and luxurious gowns with lots of embellishment and embroidery. Yet, what my eyes saw was way different from my humble expectations. A number of super sophisticated outfits in a very moderate style replace each other on the runway, as the models glow and allure. You will be overwhelmed by the striking dresses or classy pantsuits as well as fur coats and lace shirts.
The color palette of Elie Saab Fall 2014 deserves special attention. The magnificent collection srarts with ensembles in deep and yummy burgundy, which sets the mood for the whole show. Elie Saab woman is by all means an extremely sophistiacted and precious lady with an impeccable sense of style. Other shades that you will also spot are malachite green, powder pink, and rich black. Check out the gallery below to enjoy the gorgeous outfits.

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