Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Architecture Concepts From Vantage Design Group

Los Angeles, California is a veritable playground for architects, its landscape graced with a unique array of geographical features including picturesque mountains, coastal views, and dazzling city skylines.
The most restrictive plots – those in the hills – produce some of the most innovative and enviable feats of modern architecture, as visualized in these luxury home concepts by Vantage Design Group. Each one seems to interpret its surroundings through a lens of creative futurism. Make sure to check out these gorgeous properties if you love extraordinary exteriors with extravagant pools and expansive glass walls.

Located in Hollywood Hills, this incredible home consists of curvaceous volumes cascading down from the verdant peak. Its fluid shape embraces the hillside and exaggerates the natural curve of the land with expressive cantilever terraces

 The pool looks magnificent with a perfectly transparent wall outlined with bright LED strips. The pool and patios are ever so slightly set into the smooth white lower facade, supported by curved concrete pillars that seem to enhance the flared shapes found throughout the exterior.

Lucky visitors are treated to a private guesthouse set slightly below the main volume accessible by a glass-encased driveway. This wing features many of the same luxuries as the rest of the home but at a slightly smaller scale. It even has its own miniature infinity pool – miniature serving as a relative term, as it would easily dwarf all but the most expansive pools outside of the Hills

This home – also in the Hollywood Hills – cuts a striking profile using rectilinear forms and strong folded architecture. The most distinctive feature is a stunning infinity pool that wraps around the main body of the home that overflows down a tiled wall to create the illusion of great depth.

Chairs situated on the lower deck take advantage of the cooling effect generated by the waterfall’s mist.

A large window in the garage bay makes this traditionally utilitarian space feel like any other room in the home. It’s a lovely touch for an enthusiast who considers a fine vehicle to be just as much a work of art as any Rembrandt or Monet.

The interior renders are just as fascinating, but even the most carefully selected appointments could never hold a candle to the view itself. Could you imagine having such an impressive vantage point over the city? Now imagine what it would look like from the pool!

An unassuming wood-slatted rear facade doesn’t even begin to hint at the raw luxury on the other side…

Incredible! This spacious home concept occupies a curved foundation with multilevel infinity pools, its impressive facade sparkling with lights. Now imagine taking a swim from the raised cantilever pool to the right – breathtaking.

From the outside, each room appears definitely distinct from one another but all enjoy open glass walls to take advantage of the unmatched view.

Angular, distinctive – it’s amazing how each of these properties demonstrates the way that creative applications of the same materials can result in such diverse building styles. This home features outwardly sloped walls that seem to tempt gravity

Car enthusiasts are sure to admire the cantilever garage protruding from the bottom floor, its glass front making for a gorgeous showroom display.

Imagine the symphony of sensory details one would enjoy while lounging on one of the many terraces. The gentle breeze, the sound of cascading infinity pools, the stimulating of the city below… this home would provide an endless number of internal habitats to accommodate any mood or mode of creativity.

The L-shaped layout offers unlimited ways to enjoy the view from the cliff-side. Strong concrete contrasted against smooth white cladding ensures the home is just as inspiring to view from the outside as from within.

Hidden between the pillars and tucked underneath the driveway, a small patio surrounds a secret garden for intimate socialization. Away from the energy and excitement of the pool and city view, this little niche seems like it would provide the quiet and privacy that so many Los Angeles residents could only dream of having. Details like these are beautiful in their cleverness.

This street-facing view perfectly condenses the aesthetic of the rest of the home including nature inspired exterior elements like stone, wood, water, light, and fire

On the exterior, a drama of fire and water unfolds – grill pits and decorative fire features dance alongside vast glass-walled pools, the upper pool pouring into the lower pool by way of a modern waterfall.

It’s interesting to see how the street-facing facade invokes more of a traditional look, whereas the back yard displays pure modernism – both have the same materials, but the proportions in which they are used makes all the difference.

 With engineering just as impressive as its appearance, this home is sure to inspire fans of innovative architecture. The weight distribution catches the eye immediately – supported by substantial pillars below the pool, the living spaces exhibit a definite weightlessness by contrast.

The two main volumes seem structurally disconnected from one another because of the careful application of a central staircase open to the air but covered by the overarching roof. Full glass walls are a must-have in an area as beautiful as this, and these walls actually stack over one another when opened to erase the boundary between indoors and out.

Vines creep alongside the corner of the patio and climb a wooden privacy screen. This portion of the deck also happens to line up with part of the interior clad with natural materials and darker colors.

This concept in Beverly Hills is nestled into a flat plot in a valley – its terrace gardens and white linear cladding reflecting the beauty of the landscape and the open sky in turn. The home is composed of two deeply cantilevered volumes split by a glass-clad entrance barred by a heavy classically inspired wooden door.

While the preceding homes utilized their cliff-side locations to the fullest extent, this home makes a spectacular impression without the architectural constraints that come from mountainside living.

Even the miniature home golf course boasts clean and beautiful forms. It doesn’t just offer another source of entertainment – it contributes aesthetically as well, balancing the perfect angles and even spacing with something more organic yet still highly manicured.

From this angle, it’s much easier to appreciate the true degree of separation between the two architectural volumes. The large first floor bedroom and ground floor living room may even serve as a guest suite – and if so – the wide stepping-stones over the water surely provide a unique mode of access that visitors will never forget.

Despite its location on flat ground, the building design can still accommodate a relatively open view thanks to the creative application of trees and retaining walls. Here, slatted wooden blinds preserve privacy only where needed.

Privacy is unnecessary at the golf course since it would be a shame for the neighbors to miss your impeccable form. At night, bright rings of light outline the greens to make nighttime games a little easier and certainly more stylish.

Trousdale is another prestigious Beverly Hills neighborhood, one known for a history of architectural restrictions. Of course, such restrictions often enhance the creativity of engineers and architects tasked with building there and the same still holds true today.

Detailed patterns make his facade exceptionally memorable, different from the pure white and glass concepts highlighted in the other visualizations.

Early Trousdale homes were designed by iconic names such as Harold Levitt, A. Quincy Jones, and even Frank Lloyd Wright – this property concept continues that legacy of exquisite taste, and its design seems to incorporate inspiration from its architectural forebears.

Unlike many of the expansive homes detailed previously, this concept makes a big impression on a level ranch-style plane. Maintaining a low profile is a common stipulation in places like the Hills where the view is everything.

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