Tuesday, February 2, 2016


The exquisitely refined and sophisticated new addition by Rolls Royce has finally been revealed.
Presented at Frankfurt, the Rolls Royce Dawn is the epitome of sleek elegance and understated sensuality.

A convertible, this 4-seater super luxe car is the brand’s rendition of a 2-in-1 vehicle that looks beautiful with the top up and when it’s down.

The model car comes in a sophisticated midnight blue color then reveals a matte orange interior that’s absolutely top class. The deck was designed to be lower than most of their cars, providing plenty of room and space for superior comfort. The rear deck is kept high to offer the passengers some privacy but still being visible. The rear is meant to circle the rear passengers with a cocoon-like sensation.

The Rolls Royce Dawn had started production in February 2015 with the delivery schedule set in April 2016. There has been no announcement on the pricing yet. It is a convertible powered by a 563 horsepower V-12 engine, with an 8-speed transmission which uses GPS data for optimal gear.

Its chassis is based on the marques of the Ghost and Wraith models, which the Dawn is based upon. In fact, the new addition is actually a revved up version of the Wraith, with about 80% of its features being used on the Dawn.

Its interiors are crafted with wood and leather, with the deck and rear finished in handcrafted veneers. Rolls Royce has always offered customization options for their clients, and the Dawn is no exception. Upon ordering, clients can choose from a wide array of colors, materials, and finishes, to make the Dawn a personalized and customized piece of vehicle.

Among its other features is a Bespoke 16-speaker audio system with a microphone that automatically adjusts the volume based on the noise in the car. The 4 individual seats are created for matchless comfort, tailored to bring the ultimate passenger experience.

The roof retracts in 21 seconds with a 50 kmh (30mph) speed, and the 6-layer fabric soft top provides added insulation and excellent acoustics. Rolls Royce also pens the Dawn as the quietest convertible in the market to date.

With the top up, it features a clamshell design and provides a conservative look; and with the top down, it has a look of playfulness and of a carefree personality with its orange Mandarin leather and rosewood trim.

The “Dawn,” is based on the Silver Dawn drophead coupe which was produced in limited numbers by Rolls Royce between 1950-1954.

This new addition to the Rolls Royce fleet is based on the design team’s goal of creating a sensual car, with the undeniable appeal of turning heads in the most perfect way possible.

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