Sunday, February 7, 2016

First production ICON A5 amphibian plane unveiled

Flying has never been so pleasant or so simple thanks to the Icon Aircraft A5. What if this year, instead of choosing a Ferrari, you buy this amphibian and its impressive look?


Icon Aircraft A5 is a hybrid in carbon fiber designed for amateur pilots. Indeed you only need few lessons to learn how to operate it. It can land and take off from both land and water and in case of things going wrong, there is even a complete parachute that warranty the safety of its passengers.

Icon Aircraft A5 belongs to a new category of plane called Light Sport Aircraft (LSA), which is limited in terms of weight, speed with only two seats. The cabin isn’t pressurized, what makes the commands easier to assimilate and limits the altitude. But these aircrafts are also easier to handle. You will finally have fun again while flying.

The Sport Pilot License only requires 20 hours of training even if it shows some restraints: you can not fly at night, in congested airspace, or in bad weather conditions. To pilot Icon Aircraft A5, no permission is needed from anyone, as long as you respect these flying conditions.


Icon Aircraft A5 is an aerodynamic plane, lightweight with unique design. Its wings are absolutely perfect, it is robust, and its instruments like the Angle of Attack (AoA) are made to help you navigate and prevent stalling. In the cockpit, everything is intuitive with both analog and digital instruments.

The aircraft only weights 686.4 kg thanks to smart components such as its carbon composite hull and its retractable landing gear when it comes to water. Its Rotax 912 engine with 100 hp is perfect for such a light weight and propels it to a top-speed of 194 km/h. The 10m wings are fully foldable to ease the towing and Icon Aircraft A5 even runs on pump gas!

After obtaining all the necessary certifications as well as 1800 orders, the delivery of this little jewel should begin in 2019. Icon Aircraft A5 is priced at $189.000 (Euro 169.400)

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