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Luxury Society is dubbed as the world’s leading resource for luxury professionals. A division of Geneva-based Digital Luxury Group, the online social networking and news company connects over 31,000 executives and 16,000 companies to the latest news and insights in the market of all things luxury.

Based in Paris, the site is the leader when it comes to bringing together a world of ideas, with its central mission of informing and connecting the world of active luxury professional and companies.

With 4 offices around the world and covering 6 major segments in the industry, The Luxury Society is the place where CEOs, managers, consultants, journalists, designers, and analysts gather to discover and share concepts and ideas in the fields of: luxury travel, high-end fashion, exquisite jewelry, the finest automotive, the most coveted real estate, fine art, private banking, and a plethora of the world’s very best.

Three main areas are on offer at the site, which are: Digital Services, Global Business Insights, and Events and Networking. Digital Services include creative services, search marketing, social media and PR, e-commerce, digital storytelling, strategy and planning, analytics and optimization, and industry mobile services.

Global Business Insights for the luxury industry cover over 400 brands in 6 major segments, which are automotive, fashion, beauty, jewelry, watches, and hotels. Events and Network undertakings include frequent community events in New York City, Geneva, Hong Kong, London, and Paris.

To join the vast and exclusive community of The Luxury Society, one must simply be an active professional or player in the luxury industry. You can register at the site, where the company’s membership team will manually review your application. Once a member, you get to enjoy invites to events, view the profiles of the site’s rich community of members, and enjoy direct access to the wealth of information provided by over tens of thousands of news and lifestyle articles available at your disposal.

Discover the world of global luxury and enrich your career or business with everything the world has to offer. (

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