Saturday, May 20, 2017

Diamond Deluxe Hotel Wellness & Spa Kos, Greece

My first visit on the island of Kos has left me with great memories, choosing to stay at the 'Diamond collection hotel wasn't just a coincidence as I always look for great luxury hotels with good reviews.

Luxury,great customer service and atmosphere!!what else can somebody ask for?and trust me it looks way better than it does on the photos (which is rear).

Arriving at the hotel in the morning I had the chance to be on time for breakfast(its till 10am).There was it! Huge buffet, great variety to choose from plus two chefs  willing to cook in front of you, waffles, omelettes, eggs you name it... What a great start for the day.

If you're not one of those who want to do the tours around the island then you can stay at the hotel's swimming pool which has a great depth making easy to walk around in the water ..also there is a waterfall giving an exotic touch!

Not to forget my visit at Mazarin Health Club,I strongly recommend it if you really want to enjoy yourself. Great health professionals willing to do any therapy you ask for. I had the two hours of massage to head and body and felt like a baby..

Every aspect of the hotel is really great and so the entire design of the rooms with details that stand out.

Superb dining, great barbecues for meat lovers and great nights for seafood lovers as well.. 

I don't think the name is by coincidence-it's a Diamond collection!-
Written by Ria T.
Photography courtesy by Ria T.(except cover picture)

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