Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Inside Japan’s newest luxury train which is like the Burj Al Arab on wheels

Commuting cannot get any more stylish than this! While we have seen, and heard of many luxury trains, almost none come close to Japan’s new wonder- the Shiki- Shima luxury sleeper that spells fancy on the tracks and beyond!
 The luxe train that began its journey on May 1st from Tokyo to the northern island of Hokkaido is a spell-binding fleet of opulence that comes fully equipped with a bar, two-storey suites and exotic cypress tree bathtubs.
Designed by Ken Kiyoyuyki (a former creative resource for Porsche and General Motors), the luxury train can carry only 34 passengers at once for a price that only those many can afford!

A voyage on board the Shiki-Shima express will cost you Euro 4.000 ($4400) for a normal suite to Euro 8.500 ($9300) for a 3D/2N stay in the premium suite.

For a price that hefty though, the train offers its passengers a ride of their lifetime with memories that can make all other journeys thereafter look depressingly mediocre!
The ultra-luxurious train includes ten carriages that boast of two full-blown observatories, a lounge and a dining room. Obviously enough, you can expect to savor some the best of delicacies while on board, served to you by a staff that is well-trained and delightfully courteous.

If you have $ 10,000 to spend and wish yourself a voyage onboard the Shiki-Shima, que up to book a spot now! Sadly, though, you will need wait longer than expected as tickets for this opulent train ride have been fully booked until March 2018.

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