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Bervely Hills makes many tourists dreaming with its huge properties, its luxury boutiques, its movie sets and many VIP living here.
But this time, if the VIP was you and nobody else? That’s what Peninsula Beverly Hills offers; a hotel rewarded each year for its excellence.


If all members of the family love to stay at Peninsula Beverly Hills it’s because the hotel has settled everything to amaze babies, children and adults and even your pets! Ideally located closed to luxury boutiques, at the hotel your babies will be taken under good care in luxury furnishings, your children will be entertain and your pets will also benefits from precious cares and special meals!

For your comfort, Peninsula Beverly Hills has 195 rooms including 38 suites and 17 private villas. And for these who search for more privacy without having to share the hotel’s pool and Jacuzzi near fully-equipped private cabanas, Peninsula Villa will be the perfect accommodation! With 217sq.m this private villa is secluded into a tropical garden and has its own entrance. The rooms are decorated with Chinese porcelain or crystal chandeliers creating a soft blue atmosphere. The villa also has its own patio and Jacuzzi! Huge fireplace, amazing living room and elegant dining room with a sophisticated table that accommodates up to eight guests facing an elegant kitchen…this villa is the perfect compromise between independence and conviviality. Upstairs master suite and guest suite can welcome up to 4 adults and each room has its own en-suite marble bathroom of course!

Concerning dining, you can taste famous Afternoon Tea or breakfast at the Living Room, while listening to piano, or enjoy the rooftop restaurant and its Californian cuisine with almost no cholesterol and even barbecues on summer! Finally, men will appreciate the finest spirits at Club Bar, with its “Gentleman’s Club” ambience. Ladies at that time can enjoy the hotel’s spa as mister tastes rare scotches! All along the day, Peninsula Beverly Hills treats you like true movie stars!


Children and parents can become true stars for a day, thanks to Peninsula Beverly Hills’ multiple programs for. The first one concerns movies. All along the day, let your child plays actor from the hotel until the red carpet. This “World Premiere Experience” offer them to discover movie stage and filming as they become true actors after being prepared by make-up and hair artists. So they play their own scene with FX and are dressed like true actors before going on the red carpet at the end of the day, in front of photograph’s flashes and journalists who wish to interview our little stars. After what they find all the family in a theatre, waiting to watch their chef d’oeuvre!

There is also the “California Dreaming” day that offers adults an escape to one of Malibu’s property that was one Olivia Newton-John’s and savour a private lunch as well as beach sports and glass of Champagne. Then the “Princess day” is made exclusively for little ladies who escape the Peninsula Beverly Hills in a Rolls Royce, going to prestigious boutiques to be dressed like a true princess with the dress and tiara, just before going to the toy store to spend a 100$ coupon! Then they finish by an afternoon tea and photo souvenir! The children can also have bakery lessons after what they’ll leave with their own photos, cakes and personalized apron.

Parents can have private piano lessons with Antonio Castillo de la Gala, Peninsula Beverly Hills’s pianist, who likes to tell guests about his former representations in front of the biggest stars as well as his passion for music history. You can also choose a bespoke excursion around Beverly Hills wonders and tourist sites or begin a healthier way of life with James Duigan’s day, the one who movie stars love so much for his precious advice allowing to sculpt a perfect silhouette! So you will experiment spirit and body health, yoga class, hike and diet menu and a book from the star’s guru is waiting on your room as a bonus, near your Serenity Shake that will help you make amazing dreams!

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