Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Château de Saint Paterne France

The charming Château de Saint Paterne in France is a family owned hotel that turns every guest into royalty. Luxury, good taste and a sense of sophistication makes this a perfect retreat for anyone seeking a truly satisfying experience with an enchanting French flavor.
 With only ten rooms, the boutique hotel is wrapped in mystery and it is said to keep fascinating stories within its old walls. There is a rumor which says that King Henry IV enjoyed some of his scandalous affairshere. It is not difficult to see why this chateau would make such an excellent setting for love stories – even forbidden ones.

Intimate and cozy, the castle exudes romance from its beautiful chambers, while the lovely gardens enhance its appeal even more. Every room boasts impeccable taste and fine details, so that guests can enjoy a royal yet relaxed ambiance both in their private rooms and in the common living and social areas. A very charming staff is always there to satisfy your needs and help you with whatever you may require.
With flawless interiors, inviting outdoor socializing/lounging spaces, plush amenities, and mouth-watering French cuisine, the medieval castle is an oasis of seclusion and peace. One visit here is enough to make you fall in love with it and want to return for more

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