Saturday, June 22, 2013

The World of Versace Watches 2013 Collection

The world famous and renowned Italian company Versace launched a brand-new collection of watches for both women and men. Their captivating design speaks of a language with exquisite style only known to those with lavish taste and sense for the opulent accessory requisite. Nothing says elegance more then a high quality expensive, contemporary watch that merge classic prettiness with the most desirable unique style, that has become a status symbol.

The New World of Versace Watches provide us expensive and the most luxurious watches that captures everyone's attention. This new collection provides simple yet exquisite and different features followed by unusual architecture and an unusual decorative element which makes these watches eye-catching. The color palette ranges from classic black and ivory to shades of sorbet, electric blue, sky blue and water green.
The most amazing part about Versace watches is their capability to be your perfect accessory for the most glamorous event. This chic and sophisticated watch delicacy brings sense of femininity while indulging the wearer with the seductive and elegantly unique style note. If you like design that exudes style, high quality, distinctive and sophisticated note then look no further because influential Italian watchmaker Versace upholds all the named attributes.
Photo courtesy of Verasace Facebook

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