Thursday, June 6, 2013

Meydan Hotel in Dubai for Horse Race Aficionados

 The Meydan Hotel in Dubai is the closest thing to heaven for lovers of horses, races and luxury. It is the first five-star trackside hotel in the world, and its location is very fitting: Dubai is an excellent place for world firsts. With 227 plush rooms, the 1 kilometer long building goes along the racetrack, ensuring unobstructed views of the action for every guest.

 You can admire the thoroughbred horses right from the comfort of your room, and even from your plush bathtub. Whenever you want a more ample look at the race, you can go to the central spa or up to the rooftop infinity pool – the experience is absolutely wonderful.
 Architecture enthusiasts will also have a good time here, because the entire complex is faultlessly designed, and the interiors are sweepingly elegant in a very contemporary manner. No matter what attracts you to this place, the one thing that everybody enjoysat Meydan is the delicious foodaccompanied by fine drinks. Every racetrack needs to have a place where people can celebrate their wins, and here you will find several such venues.

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