Monday, June 17, 2013

The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino, Las Vegas

Venetian is one of those hotels that leave you breathless and best version of the city - hotel ever built, its construction cost is $ 1.6 billion. 
The hotel is built with top casino and the largest poker room in Las Vegas.

The intention of the architects was to create a hotel that will be unique, and in the design have repeatedly traveled to Venice in order to better communicate as much detail as they were able to make a copy of important buildings in Venice

The one who finds this hotel really stepped into the city of Venice with its Bridge of Sighs in the right size, the Square St. Mark with dozens of terraces and cafes, picturesque facades equivalent to those in Venice and a real water channels. There are also Italian shops, cappuccino, pastries, pasta ...

At the entrance of the hotel there is a lake with a system of canals that enter the hotel and the lake can be rented gondola. Gondolier singing songs in Italian while driving their boats long channels, transports guests through the shopping center and leads to St.. Mark, who has faithfully evoked, and it can have a macchiato, see street musicians and singers.

Everything is in the style of Italian luxury to the ceiling over a large crystal chandeliers and all the typical "Venetian" style of Venice.
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