Thursday, June 13, 2013

Chanel Resort Collection For 2014

Coming straight from the Singapore Chanel resort collection for 2014 illuminated our faces with eternal elegance. Familiar by the high-fashion appearance and a doze of Karl's latest inspiration that he found in Singapore, this resort collection deliver to the Chanel's demanding worshipers extensive, compelling, modern, classy and absolutely luxury attire.

This attention drawing collection captures with it's mighty looks by offering wealthy designs with a handful of feminine details and elegant style. It indulges your savor and inspires your fashion sense with a taste of opulence. Just a glimpse of these gorgeous and completely diverse accents will reveal how rich and refined these outfits are. With a power to seduce some of the most spectacular and splendid looks captured my attention.
Karl Lagerfeld's expense made this collection brightest not just because he moved with his team together with models to the wealthy and architecturally modern and bright Singapore, but because his collection didn't lack a thing. Everything from the stage to his latest offerings sparkled with richness, which continues to live up to the Gabrielle Chanel’s name.
Almost effortless but yet stunningly beautiful some of the dresses lighten up the runway, while being ornamented with inevitable Chanel long pearl necklaces. Plenty of refined outfits were enchanted with ravishing belts and fabulous cap-toe pumps known as a Chanel's trademark. Polished outfits come in black, white and beige hue's, but there are also examples of navy blue with styles perfectly made for a fancy poolside moment. Dresses and noticeable suits leave the impression of the unforgettable fortune that strikes anyone's attention.
Chanel avid fans will have plenty of reasons to mention this collection for days and this is just a glimpse of what awaits us in the next 2014 season. Karl Lagerfeld definitely knows how to flash an ultimate elegance, beauty and luxury without leaving anything undone. Perfect choices and uniquely created outfit's indulge this resort collection with great sense of taste that will appeal to the most fashion lustful admirers.

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