Sunday, December 29, 2013

Creed Les Royales Exclusives, Gilded Edition

Creed Perfumes reinstates their position as the leaders in perfume innovation with their Les Royales Exclusives Gilded Edition. This Midas touched bottle is made from hand blown Pochet glass, dipped in gold and given a personal touch with the addition of a stamped monogram in block or script letters as per your preference. The ultra exclusive flacon is filled with a Royal Exclusives perfume of your choice, you can choose from lush fragrances like Jardin D’Amalfi, Pure White Cologne, Spice and Wood, Sublime Vanille or White Flowers. The Gilded Edition bottle also comes with a complimentary 1.7 oz. atomizer wrapped in gold Italian leather and embossed with Creed’s family crest. The atomizer is shatterproof and refillable, making it ideal for travel while the gilded edition glass bottle makes the perfect addition to your dresser or fireplace mantle.

The Les Royales Exclusives collection honors the most refined techniques in perfumery that are even now practiced by Creed. The Gilded Edition bottle retails at 3.640 Euro ($5,000) and is available at the Creed website. Established in London in 1760, by James Creed, the House of Creed has a noble history of supplying fragrances to British and European Royalty including being named the official supplier of fragrance to the Crown by Queen Victoria herself. They have also catered to modern icons including celebrities and politicians like John F. Kennedy who wore their Vetiver fragrance in 1948. Today, Creed continues to push the boundaries of olfactory ingenuity having created over 200 of their scented masterpieces. Olivier Creed, sixth generation perfumer of the Creed dynasty and currently the head of the House of Creed, has made select Creed perfumes available to the public for the very first time since the perfume powerhouse’s birth.

Source: Creed

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