Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Modern Residence In Sochi, Russia

You can say what you want about Russia, but this vast country includes some of the world’s most picturesque landscapes as well as some of the most incredible private homes.
A great example is this contemporary masterpiece in Sochi, which was sketched out by Alexandra Fedorova and was built on a scenic site surrounded by beautiful trees.
The house itself impresses with a wonderful contemporary design both inside and out. On the inside, it boasts spacious, inviting living areas as well as glass walls that make sure that natural light is ever-present throughout. The different levels are linked by an interior staircase, which is illuminated by special lights inserted into the adjacent wall. Outside, a terrace and a large swimming pool promise unforgettable moments of relaxation and entertainment, which can be enjoyed in full by the owner and his or her guests.

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