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Welcome to Mykonos

The island of Mykonos is conveniently located in the middle of the Grecian Islands making it a perfect and popular getaway.
Mykonos has picturesque towns, lively beaches, cosmopolitan cities, and a thriving nightlife all mixed in with some old-world charm.

The beaches on Mykonos are the island’s leading attraction. Golden sands, turquoise waters, and warm Mediterranean sun draw thousands each year. In the southern part of the island, the beaches are the destination for a good time. Paradise Beach, one of more notable beaches, is a nudist beach by day and an active party at night. The beach is lined with shops, restaurants, and bars open and ready to serve the active crowd at Paradise Beach. Elia Beach is the largest in the southern area of beaches. Elia, while not as wild as Paradise, does allow nude sunbathing in some areas; it also has a water park attraction, just minutes away from the beach. Ornos Beach, in the southwestern corner of the island, features a sandy bottom, which drops off gradually into the sea, making it perfect for families. Another family-oriented beach, Agios Stefanos has a good selection of cafés and restaurants within walking distance, located just north of town.

The island’s numerous windmills are the most recognizable site in Mykonos. Many were built in the 16th century; the windmills were once actively used to mill grain. The iconic cylindrical whitewashed windmills can be seen from most points of the island, with the village of Chora boasting the largest number. A few of the windmills, such as the Bonis Windmill, have been turned into a museum and are worth a visit.
Mykonos is home to hundreds of white country chapels and churches. The largest and most important, Paraportiani, is a spectacular building all in white. Located in Chora, the church actually is an assemblage of five churches attached together. The Paraportiani church is best seen on a clear day, where the church's whitewashed walls sparkle against the stunning blue skies.
Many quaint towns dot the island of Mykonos, including Mykonos town, Chora, Tourlos, Ana Mera, and Little Venice. Little Venice is located right on the sea’s edge, with overhanging balconies; you may feel as if you’ve reached the original Venice in Italy. Here, you can easily spend a day wandering the narrow streets taking in cosmopolitan boutiques, art galleries, outdoor cafés, or fine restaurants.
Nightlife on the Mykonos is active and varied. On Paradise Beach, find hedonistic dancing, and live and DJ-hosted music. The Down Under Bar, in Mykonos since 1971, is a popular upbeat club attracting visitors from all over the world. If you desire a more relaxed atmosphere, check out some of the island's renowned restaurants. Mykonos, like most Greek towns, has its share of Greek specialties and olive oils. At the Alexis restaurant, dine on traditional Greek fare while watching the sunset over the beautiful island of Delos in the distance.

The island of Delos is just off the shore of Mykonos and a short ferry ride away. The entire island is designated a national museum. The island contains some of the most varied archaeological ruins in all of Greece. This once-sacred island, considered the birthplace of the Sun God Apollo, is home to the Sanctuary of Apollo, the Hellenistic Quarter, the Houses of Cleopatra, the Avenue of the Lions, and much more. Speak to the Passion4Luxury Team about scheduling a tour of Delos with a knowledgeable guide to explore these sacred sites.

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Mykonos is perhaps the sunniest island in Greece, with the sun over 300 days a year, making it a perfect place to visit year-round. Early fall to winter is perhaps the best time to visit when the summer crowds have waned and temperatures are still comfortable.
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