Friday, December 4, 2015

The Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie Is the Personal Piston Plane of the Future

Cobalt company from San Francisco, is engaged in aviation and has a special mission...

Their goal is the transformation of private jets, creating a new range of private jets, which are modern, stylish and incredibly fast, and bear the name of the Valkyrie.
With the possibility of reaching a maximum speed of 480 km / h, Valkyrie series contains two classes of engines, and they both have a capacity of five seats and complete personalization of the interior and exterior. These innovative private planes are not only technologically advanced and safe, they are also incredibly luxurious.

The design of this private jet reveals the influence of classic fighter aircraft for obvious reasons, with simple, elegant lines and premium finishing details. Customers who want to buy one of these planes can choose who they want to finish while the interior includes hand-made leather seats and simple layout.

Also, you should know that Valkyrie series has a smaller wing, which provides better stability and control, keeps the plane in balance while flying. Pilots can now enjoy a safe takeoff and landing, while those parachutes that are a mandatory part of every aircraft are held there, more as a decorative object, rather than something that will be really necessary.

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