Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Moorea, magical island of Tahiti - French Polynesia

It seems almost unreal, and is located northwest of Tahiti, and is part of French Polynesia.
It is surrounded by beautiful, radiant blue lagoon, and is of volcanic origin. Getting to this hidden and unknown paradise is a process. In addition, you have to get to Papa'ete in Tahiti; you have to drive fast ferry to the island. But believe us when we say it is worth the effort!
Turquoise waters shimmer against the emerald green rocks, which boldly oversee the lagoon. Each picture of this place seems to have undergone intense processing Photoshop, but its spectacular beauty is even more accentuated in reality.
Diving enthusiasts will certainly enjoy a visit Lagunarium de Moorea, a protected area of water where you can see the liveliest coral reefs. Swim with the sharks, rays and all other sea creatures.
Some visitors will decide to enjoy the luxury resorts that this island has to offer, while others will opt to rent a villa and enjoy themselves without limitation, in the warm waters and brilliant sunsets.

Those who want a little more action can go on a hike, or watch the whales and dolphins. If you just simply sit on the beach of this ingenious island, swim in crystal clear waters that surround it and watch the epic sunsets, trust us that you will at least for a moment want to stay here forever.

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