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Europe is a continent that is a favorite among many lovers of travel...

It is often considered that the European continent is a home to the most romantic cities in the world. Here are Paris and Prague, Vienna and Venice, and many others.
Lovers of luxury travel and romantic holidays from all over the world usually choose European cities as their destination. What make a city romantic is its architecture, ambience and atmosphere, environment, restaurants, hidden cafes, galleries of sophisticated art and perfect and idyllic appearance during all seasons. This time, we bring you our 12 most romantic cities in Europe...

1. Amsterdam
No city in Europe does radiate a romantic atmosphere in such quantities as the Dutch capital. Amsterdam is almost a phenomenon among passengers, as the largest number of young people chose this city as the perfect place for relaxation and enjoyment. Romantic architecture, houses along the canal, meticulously designed squares and the city center are what attracts large numbers of romance aficionados to this city. If you want a perfect romantic evening, be sure to visit some of the many luxurious restaurants that are scattered throughout the city and rent a hotel room overlooking the canal. Also, we suggest you rent a boat and enjoy the authenticity of canals that intersect this magical city.

2. Paris
Of course, the list of most romantic cities in the world or Europe would not be complete if it does not contain Paris. This city is described as the city of love and romance, as these are elements that are at its core. If you want to surprise your loved one with a romantic break, Paris is the perfect choice. Dinner with candles, followed by an evening visit to the Eiffel Tower, watching the sunset from one of the many perfect locations ... what more could you wish for when it comes to romance? But, nevertheless, this city offers much more. Even if you decide to stay in your hotel room with a loved one, enjoy a glass of champagne, a view of the Eiffel Tower and excellent cuisine that is full of sensual meals.

3. Prague
Prague quickly became one of the most visited cities in the European continent. It is filled with tourists who come from every corner of the world in every season. This city is third in our list of romantic cities due to its inexorable and invincible charm that simply intoxicates every visitor and resident. The architecture of this city will knock you off your feet and will fill your heart with magical heat. If you want to feel the magical experience in the right way, we suggest you to visit Prague during the winter period. This city is crowned with snow and that is something that simply must be seen at least once in a lifetime. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, with the person you love, while watching the gentle snowflakes slowly descend from the sky.

4. Budapest
Budapest is the most underrated city in Europe. In it, there are not many tourists and is not often on the list of best cities, but it hides its charm and shows it only to those who care and who deserve it. We suggest you to visit this city as soon as possible, i.e. before it is possessed by masses of tourists from all over the world, because it is very quickly becoming Europe's favorite. Romance and magic in this city are waiting for you around every corner, you only to have to make some effort to find and recognize it.

5. Vienna
We wrote several times about the Austrian capital and for several reasons. This is a city is so charming that you just do not know which part of the first to explore. If you love the imperial architecture, carriages and horses, night spent at the opera and visit of the royal residences, Prague is a city for you. It is filled with interesting houses and streets that phenomenally fit old and new, modern and historically important. In this city there are many historical and cultural attractions, as well as restaurants and bars that will give their best effort for you to never forget your visit to this city.

6. Venice
Venice is like Paris, compulsory part of the list of the most romantic cities. This Italian city is now filled with tourists, so you can enjoy all its charms, in the intimate company of your loved one only a little harder. However, hidden places that are out of reach to all tourists await you if you take time to explore. A large number of squares decorated with cafés and restaurants where the offer of drinks, especially wine, and food is flawless, so we are sure that you and your loved one will enjoy this city, a favorite among couples.

7. Ljubljana
The capital of Slovenia is also not sufficiently appreciated, such as Budapest. Most tourists who visit Slovenia are referred to the nearby Bled, which is striking, but Ljubljana has a lot to offer.

8. Florence
Florence is one of the favorite Italian cities among many tourists around the world. The magical sun of Tuscany, famous Italian gelato and your loved one - a combination that is simply unmistakable. The only problem that you can have in this town is the fact that you will fall in love with it and you'll never want to go back home. Food, wine, cheese, music, ambiance ... Florence has it all.

9. Zurich
Zurich is a city that people often consider the capital of Switzerland, although that title officially belongs to Bern. This is a favorite city for many visitors Switzerland, but of course, that depends on who you ask. A large number of parks, museums, attractions and perfect small cafes are what gives it the right dose of romance in which you can enjoy with your loved one. Zurich is beautiful in the spring, but it's cold and snow cover give it the magic that is simply irresistible. In any case, whenever you visit it, you will not go wrong.

10. Copenhagen
Sit by the fire, enjoy a glass of quality wine or a rich hot chocolate, in the arms of your loved ones ... sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? If you like this idea, take a tour in Copenhagen, one of the most romantic cities in northern Europe and experience its charms in the company of your loved one.

11. Barcelona
Barcelona is Spain's most popular destination. The city attracts a massive number of tourists with its unique charm. Like other cities on our list, Barcelona has fantastic architecture, interesting history, unforgettable sunsets and excellent food.

12. Santorini
Last on our list is Santorini. This place is a popular resort with many A-list, i.e. rich and famous people. Many consider it the most romantic cities in the whole of Europe, because of its eclectic look and typical Greek atmosphere. Refer to this city outside the tourist season and enjoy it in a completely new way in the company of your loved one. What you'll discover will overwhelm you.

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