Friday, December 23, 2016

Elegant and luxury jewellery by Giouzenis

Enter in a sparkling and glamorous world...

We are in Greece, in the year 1955. Our story begins with Mr. George Giouzenis, a very creative man, who is working in a jewellery workshop as a craftsman. His passion and skills for creating beautiful jewels are so obvious that soon he is in charge of the entire shop. Due to his hard work, he managed to open his first jewellery and watch shop, in1972, in the heart of Athens.

The story still continues to unfold with his children Alexandros, Yannis and Maria who run the beautiful, luxury shop in 2, Voukourestiou Street. We invite you to drop by, where you instantly feel the positive, glamorous energy and vibes. Get ready to fall in love with sparkling, handmade jewels, where diamonds, gold, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are engaged with tradition and unique design.  

“Everyone’s a star and deserves the right to twinkle” – Marilyn Monroe

Lucky Charms for 2017
White gold pendant with ruby and diamonds
Pink gold "Snake" pendant with black diamonds
Handmade necklace of 18 karats white gold and diamonds
Classic ring with Siam sapphire and diamonds
White gold ring with emerald and diamonds
Pink gold ring with diamonds
White gold earrings with sapphires and diamonds
Earrings in 18 karats pink gold set with diamonds
Pink gold earrings with black and white brilliant cut diamonds
Pink gold bracelet with pink sapphire
Handmande 18 karats white and pink gold with diamonds
White and pink gold bracelet with black and white diamonds
A beautiful gift for your baby 
Pink gold cross with diamonds
Elegant cufflinks
A beautiful flamingo brooch
Gold brooch with diamonds

 It is our pleasure to invite you to visit the luxury world of Gouzenis and like the facebook page too!

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