Monday, December 19, 2016

Meet Whaletone: the coolest hi-tech piano

Music enters into another dimension...

Whaletone pianos are really stunning and have a futuristic, elegant design which reminds you a dolphin or an orca shape.

In addition to classic piano, which uses hammers and strings, the electronic instrument is loaded with more than 500 various high-quality sounds and packed with modern technology to make the playing experience sound and feel authentic. Whaletone really is something special, and so it should be; the starting price is €142,550 ($148,460).

The company has created two models of digital piano, the Royal Digital and Grand Hybrid.
Each model is built bespoke on individual request and sized for chamber performances – but due to the on-board speakers, subwoofer and digital connections it can also fill a stadium of any size with its sound.

This modern instrument can also recreate the acoustic profiles of vintage pianos from the 1960s to 1980s. The internal digital amplifiers boast more than 200W of power per channel, with frequency response ranging from an impressive 18 Hz to 24 kHz. Also, Whaletone offers you an unlimited option of choosing the color of the case. You can make it in two predefined variants: one and two-tone, rest of it is limit of your imagination.

Last but not least, there are 2USB ports built into the piano, which provides you the capability of recording, saving and playing back your sessions while a headphone socket which cuts the sound of the piano and provides play in the silent mode. The best feature though is the Moving Keys function, where the piano plays performances from your favourite artists completely independently.

Maybe it’s time to refresh your piano lessons...

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