Thursday, December 8, 2016


With its world-renowned reputation as a surf and dive destination and some of the most beautiful beaches ever, discovering another side to Bali that is just as mesmerizing is to fall in love all over again. Upscale Komaneka Resort at Bisma is a fantastic forest stay.
It is the boutique resort suitor that will transport you to a magical landscape, seducing you with its luxe appeal and entrancing you with its peaceful oasis energy.

An artistic expression in nature

Part of a collection of five resorts, the Komaneka story began as an art gallery with some artists’ residences. These turned into family-run resorts, and the Komaneka Fine Art Gallery is still an important art space in Bali. This sense of skilled creativity, artistic sensibility, and passion for design is an intrinsic part of a stay at Komaneka and this, along with the natural setting, lifts the vacation experience to another level.

Special stays and superb service

The intuitive service at Komaneka Resort befits its luxury standing and then some with the staff’s authentic friendliness. The suites boast big balconies and luxuriously modern interiors while some offer private pools too. The Bisma Suite, with its upmarket treehouse vibe, is a freestanding pavilion with glass walls and incredible views. The 1-3 bedroom villas have their private infinity pool with a deck, kitchen, and dining and living area while some have a garden with a pond too.

The soul of Bali in the heart of Ubud

Komaneka Resort at Bisma nestles on five hectares of forest, and as soon as you arrive, you are immersed in one of the most stunning settings in Bali. With its private paddy fields and tropical gardens, the resort looks out to a rainforest valley and with suites and villas surrounded by lush greenery. The effect is to feel part of a spectacular secret garden with shaded hideaways and expansive views of the beautiful uplands of Bali.

However, what is a real bonus is that Komaneka Resort is just a short stroll to the center of Ubud; the cultural, artsy hub of Bali, home to museums, galleries, and arts and craft boutiques. With a landscape of terraced paddy fields, temples, and shrines, Ubud and Komaneka Resort at Bisma capture the true spirit of Bali.

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