Monday, December 19, 2016

Sweden’s Luxurious 365 Day Icehotel

Sweden’s Icehotel is the coolest to hit the frosty wonderland. The amazing hotel is open 365 days for everyone to experience the magic of staying in a hotel made of ice and snow, but still operational even on warmer weather condition.

The world’s first 365 days ice hotel is located in Jukkasjarvi, Swedish Lapland, about 200 km north of the Artic Circle. The 2,000 square meter hotel have an ice bar and ice gallery created out of ice and snow by chosen artists from around the world, as well as, luxury suites. The beautifully designed hotel is created out of 30,000 liters of water from Torne River that were transformed into snow and ice.

The 20 luxury deluxe suites were used to be just decorated with frosty decors, but now there are solar panels added to harvest energy during the summer season. The harvested energy was used to help cool the inside of the hotel throughout the warmer months. By the way, one of the luxury deluxe suites is a Victorian Apartment. There is also an Art suite with an ice sculpture of a deer and another suite that is so beautifully decorated that you will feel that you are in a Disney movie. These are just some of the rooms that you can book in the ice hotel that opens all year round. Guests arriving at the hotel are welcomed by a striking chandelier in the main hall. The chandelier further makes the hall even more glamorous and luxurious.

In the summer, there are plenty of water and greenery views but in the winter, the hotel is covered with a blanket of snow. The pristine whiteness of the snow all over the hotel is simply fantastic. Plus! Even though the deluxe suites have a cave-like-ice-style room, you will be surprised to learn that it is so warm. But of course, if you want to experience a winter wonderland experience, you got to try the room completely made of ice.

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