Tuesday, April 9, 2013

BMW X4Concept to Debut in Shanghai

 The Shanghai Motor Show will mark the launch of a new and very alluring concept from BMW. Called the BMW X4Concept, the vehicle will be officially released in April 21st, representing the source of inspiration for an all-new crossover in the X line. Produced at the automaker’s plant in California, the new X4 will reportedly hit the market as a production version in 2014.

The concept is based on the X3 platform and is actually a smaller version of the successful X6. It was designed by chief designer Karim Habib and we already like what we see in the few leaked photos. Diehard BMW fans will have the possibility to admire the concept live soon, when more official information will also be released to the public.

What we know now is that the X4 Concept features a 2,810 mm wheelbase and measures 4,648 mm in length, 1,915 mm in width, and 1,622 mm in height. Even though speculations are around X3-borrowed six-cylinder diesel and petrol engines, we will have to wait for the official specs to confirm or silence the rumors.

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