Saturday, April 27, 2013

Maria Sharapova is Porsche’s Beautiful Brand Ambassador

 If you were asked to choose a brand ambassador for Porsche, where would you put tennis icon Maria Sharapova on your list? Well, even though most people would not think of a female image for the German brand, the gorgeous Russian-born athlete has recently signed a 3-year deal with Porsche. An unexpected choice? May be, but it is also an excellent one, by our standards.

Everybody knows that icon Maria Sharapova is an exceptional tennis player, and top performance is exactly what Porsche is all about. Another excellent characteristic that she brings to the table is her alluring elegance, a key feature in all the supercars she represents. Porsche AG CEO Matthias Mueller described her with many generous adjectives and added that “Her profile and charisma are an ideal fit for Porsche. She is also highly respected around the world and enjoys an outstanding reputation”.

Check out the gallery below and let us know what you think of Porsche’s choice. Would you have gone for a different celebrity, or do you feel that Sharapova is the best choice?

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