Saturday, April 27, 2013

La Sultana Resort in Marrakech, Morocco

 Dreaming of a magical place where stress melts away in an instant? Well, if you visit Morocco you won’t have to dream about it no more, because you can find it in the country’s famous city, Marrakech. Here, in the city’s historic heart known as Kebash, a special sanctuary of tranquility awaits visitors with ever charming hospitality. It is called La Sultana and it is meant to impress and satisfy all visitors from day one.

Here you can enjoy all the comfort and amenities of any Western luxury hotel, but with a touch of local charm. An incredible attention to detail will amaze you everywhere you look. The furnishings, the walls, the floors, the decors, every nook spells excellence and passion for perfection. The rooms and suites are ready to transport their dwellers into a different world. The bedrooms have a very North African feel to them, with handcrafted pieces of art and local antiques, while the bathrooms ooze enticing Roman temple sophistication, with golden fixtures and emerald tiles.

The resort has its own little exotic paradise, with carefully manicured gardens and swimming pools, as well as several inviting swimming pools for relaxation. Also an excellent choice for unwinding purposes is a nice open-air massage that will feel like the best pampering in the world. And when you want to start exploring, the city invites you with numerous attractions, such as the largest market square in Africa, the historic Bahia Palace, and the Royal Palaces.

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By Kristina Mitrovic

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