Friday, April 26, 2013

Noéfull Shape Unveiled in Louis Vuitton 2013 Summer Collection

Inspired by the Mediterranean, The Summer 2013 Luis Vuitton collection is colorful, fun and versatile. Bright colors and floral patterns invite you to enjoy the hot season to the fullest. The iconic LV monogram print is present on every item of the line, only with different colors and textures.

However, the most important element of the collection is the all-new Noéfull handbag shape, which is a clever combination between the beloved Neverfull and Noé. A simple pull of its drawstrings can convert it from one shape to another, thus adding extra functionality and versatility to the design.
Other models in the collection are:

The VernisIktat, available in Rose Indien and Rose Velours. It has a Cabas North-South design and is priced at 2100Euro ($2,730).

The Monogram Denim, flaunting the new Noéfull shape. Also available in two colors – Pink and Blue – the bag is priced at 1460 Euro ($1,900).

The Monogram Nylon Iktat also boasts the Noéfull shape and is again available in Blue and Pink. The price is also 1460 Euro ( $1,900).

Monogram VernisIktatCabas BB is available in Blue and Rose Velours. This model is priced at 1210 Euro ( $1,580).
And finally, the Monogram Canvasbag boasts the iconic Neverfull GM, and is available in three versions: Rose Indien, Rose Velours, and Blue. One of these will set you back 1090 Euro ( $1,420).

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