Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cristal 2002 Jeroboam by Philippe Di Méo

Champagne Louis Roederer together with luxury designer Philippe Di Méo have released a very special Jeroboam bottle for the exquisite Cristal 2002 cuvée. The fabled Cristal blend deserved a truly impressive bottle design, one that would match its value. Consequently, Di Méo chose to dress up the Jeroboam in a beautiful lattice work that resembled fine jewelry on a lady’s delicate skin.

The so-called medallion bottles will be limited to only 400 units, half of which will be released this year. The golden lattice for every bottle is entirely hand crafted and takes the work of two master goldsmiths to complete in four days. In all, 2,296 feet of 24k gold plated bras tape was used, resulting in 508 silver-weld points. More than a beautiful armor, the lattice work is a piece of jewelry for the excellent champagne.

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