Sunday, April 28, 2013

Prince Albert II Of Monaco Foundation, Making The World A Better Place

 The Prince Albert II Of Monaco Foundation was established with one of the very best purposes, protecting the environment. The aim is to encourage sustainable development, a challenge that is global and one which requires urgent action to three of the worlds major issues, the climate change, biodiversity and water. The Board of Directors works towards ensuring the goals of the excellent foundation are achieved and are entrusted with, among other things, enacting the principles and provisions for the activity of the foundation.

The foundation acts an accelerant of problems in the world and the solutions needed for the better of the environment. Ensuring sustainable management of the worlds natural resources is essential as is putting the individual right at the center of projects. The foundation encourages the use of innovative ethical solutions. In order for the foundation to be able to play a major role in the protection of the environment, on a scale that is global, the foundations mission is to set up and collaborate with a network of companies, researchers and individuals who all work as one towards reaching the common goal.

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, one of the very best, is there it develop and support public and private organizations in fields such as technological innovation and making people socially aware. The excellent foundation is involved in stimulating and developing innovation at international levels, continually staying in tune with the challenges, problems and solutions within the environment.

The foundation is involved with numerous projects; these include the polar zones, Mediterranean region and some of the least developed countries in the world. Conservation of the primary luxury forest areas of Siberut is among the many projects. The conservation project on islands just off Sumatra in Indonesia consists of researching the biology of the primates and is associated with preservation, encouraging local villagers to protect the forests around them. The project consists of education, crafts, local transport and ecotourism.

Water management in the shoals of Reo is another project under the wings of the foundation. Reo were one of the largest market garden producers in Burkina until climate changes and deforestation saw water levels drop and continue to drop. Now production is failing and in some cases due to lack of water has come to a complete stop. The foundation is involved with creating anti-erosive stone barriers, along with water reserves and is involved with making the population more aware in anti-erosive techniques.

In the Fiokpo villages there are polluted rivers due to improper sanitary systems which lead to malaria and dysentery. The foundation is working to supply clean drinking water to the suburbs. The Prince Albert Foundation is also supporting improvements for access to water in underprivileged populations such as the dry tropics of Honduras.

In 2008 the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation signed an agreement in Quebec during the World Francophone Summit, the purpose of this being to set up Water Initiative.

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