Saturday, July 20, 2013


 This spectacular home from Mallorca, Spain, designed by architect 
Alberto Rubio is called the Bird House.

This spectacular home from Mallorca, Spain, designed by architect Alberto Rubio
 is called the Bird House.

However, it is not what we might expect, meaning built for birds. Thought as a Mediterranean paradise for people, the Bird House stands on the edge of a cliff, offering a superb view over the water. The architecture impresses, as well, having a winged roof that makes the interior space open to the outdoor beauty.
The decks are lit at night, creating such a magical atmosphere along with the crystal clear water in the pool. Definitely it’s the perfect ambient for a successful party, where luxury abounds from everywhere. The rooms are very airy and some of them incorporate the natural landscape, like the bathroom, surrounded by a glass wall showing a massive rock, part of the cliff on which the house is placed. In rest, it’s the land of luxury and refinement.

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