Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Global 6000 private jet

The Global 6000 private jet - An unforgettable experience of private flying

There's an icy wind, the vegetation is in hibernation and snow is piled up along the runways - an image of Moscow entering into the season of winter. The Bombardier Global 6000 reaches its destination here as the sun sets. This immaculately white luxury private plane is preparing to convey me to the other side of the world. This time, it's not for yet another business trip. I’m going to traverse the globe and its time zones for a larger-than-life adventure.

The plane appears to be dormant, but beneath the cabin the engines, built by Rolls-Royce, are raring to go. By the cabin door, I see a man with greying hair dressed in a black suit. This is the captain - a former air force officer. Naturally, it's not always the same pilot and, although I have a little preference for this one, the others are all equally professional. He is an outstanding pilot who has often conveyed me on these little adventures arranged by NetJets. This private jet company always delivers a service which concords with my expectations. The stewardess welcomes me warmly and shows me around the various parts of our plane. In addition to the luxury, what strikes me most is the level of comfort. The spaces in this plane are very generous. There is a huge kitchen, and the delicious dishes on offer make you feel as if you are already departing a little from home.

The main cabin is fitted out with white leather seats which are arranged around refined wooden furniture. Tucked away on the other side of a tasteful wooden partition is a private lounge which can be adapted for long-haul flights. You will be pleasantly surprised by the charming bathroom next to the bedroom, which is reserved exclusively for Global 6000 passengers.

As he does every time, Mark tells me about the schedule for our mission. "Take-off in ten minutes, Sir. We will arrive in London soon. NetJets has booked your favourite car: an Aston Martin Vanquish. You will have the time to visit the places you wish to visit and do your shopping with a minimum of fuss. Four hours later, we will leave England and cross the Atlantic in luxury. Your will be served a high-class meal on the Moscow to Paris leg of the flight. We have also arranged a variety of special dishes to delight your palate during the second part of the journey".

I'm intrigued by this new jet and its flying range of 13 hours and I'm full of questions, which the pilot responds to in great detail. He tells me, among other things, that the pilot's cabin of the Bombardier Vision is equipped with the latest technological advances which allow the pilot to fly as if by sight in conditions which require the use of instruments and thereby to avoid deviations to other aerodromes in the event of bad weather. The pilot wishes me a good flight, takes to the commands and begins the manoeuvres for take-off.

Fastening my seatbelt, I close my eyes and think again about the special mission which I am engaged in. All of sudden, the cabin is bathed in low lighting. I put on Norma – Act 1 by Bellini. The overwhelming fragility of the great Callas transports me powerfully into another realm as the little Bombardier leaves terra firma. After a few minutes, I am free to do as I please. Thanks to the satellite connection, I wrap up my remaining dossiers while indulging, as always, in the sophisticated dishes which have been conceived specially for me. 

Roaming the skies with NetJets is more than just a flight - it is a genuine experience whose unremitting excellence I delight in.

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