Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Les Marquis de Ladurée, Ladurée’s new chocolate shop in Paris

Les Marquis de Ladurée, Ladurée’s new chocolate shop in Paris
 Ladurée fans will be please to learn there's a nw Paris address devoted to chcolate.
Les Marquis de Ladurée is  Ladurée's new Parisian boutique entirely dedicated to chocolate!
Located near the place Place Vendôme and the Tuilerie Gardens, the boutique sells confections
like pastries, truffles, brownies, and always macarons.
Mirrored cases illuminates the chocolate macarons and eclairs sprinkled with gold leaf.
If you are a chocalate lover, this boutique is made for you.
  The design of the store is an important element in the brand’s concept. Indeed, it recalls what makes French luxury so exceptional: a bridge between tradition, heritage and history on one side and modernity, technology and creativity on the other. The Marquis is the male counterpart of the girly Ladurée with its silver accents and concrete floor.
 I felt in familiar territory: Les Marquis de Ladurée inherited the mother company’s romantic and refined atmosphere, the pretty boxes that you want to collect, the elegant presentation and lively classical music. Yet, Le Marquis has an edgier side, notably through its design.
 Through their chocolates, Les Marquis de Ladurée wanted to emphasize on sensations with a clever balance between bitter and sweet, soft and crunchy, sophisticated and simple. Flavors of spices, flowers and fruits also add a pinch of surprise.
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