Saturday, July 20, 2013

Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial

 For this summer Moet & Chandon has prepared an innovative champagne blend for daytime celebrations in chic and sunny international hotspots...

Moet Ice Imperial, world’s first-ever champagne created specifically to be enjoyed over ice is ideal for large cabernet-style glasses that enhance the crisp, freshness experience, which can be personalized with mint leaves, cucumbers, lime, ginger, red fruits or something else according to taste. This specific champagne is packed in luxury white lacquired bottle with black tie, gold lebel and silver design.

To celebrate Moet Ice Imperial, one of the world’s largest champagne producers also launched the exclusive, limited-edition Summer Escape Trunk. This must-have accessory includes two removable glass shelves and holds up to 20 bottles of Moët Ice Impérial, 24 large glasses, two ice buckets and three compartments for ice cubes and garnishes. It offers a unique, fun-filled experience for chic, sunny and exclusive social gatherings.

And something about taste: Moet Ice Imperial’s champagne blend was expertly developed by Chef de Cave Benoît Gouez from the House’s signature crus, to intensify the taste experience of icy freshness and powerful aromas of tropical fruits. Drawing its fruitiness from tropical notes with an original flavor twist of fresh red berries and its freshness from a select proportion of Chardonnay grapes to ensure crispness and thirst-quenching sensation.

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