Thursday, August 22, 2013

24 Hours of Elegance & Luxury in Belgrade,Serbia

The very successful and glamorous event  “24 hours of Elegance- Concours d 'Elegance & Luxury Salon,” which is held annually, will once again be hosted in Belgrade for the third time, during a three day extravaganza from September 6th to the 8th, 2013.

This exclusive event, organised by DEGORSI Luxury Consultancy and FIVA Member - Serbian Federation of Historic Vehicles, under the patronage of Royal family of Serbia, along with our regional partner Scuderia Zagreb and with great support of Grand Casino Belgrade, will provide all attendees with an unforgettable experience, allowing all guests to indulge and share their passions, such as classic cars culture, elegance, style and refinement. 
The 2013 edition of 24 hours of Elegance,” will be held in conjunction with the British Chamber of Commerce, the British Embassy and luxury concierge Quintessentially. This event will be dedicated to a number of British luxury brands that are globally recognised for their supreme quality, craftsmanship and detail.
This year’s “24 hours of Elegance” will commence at the White Palace on Friday, September 6th, with the unveiling of an exhibition of a historic clothing archive of Kilgour, the famous house of elegance from London's Savile Row, under the patronage of Prince Peter Karadjordjević and supported by G.H.MUMM CHAMPAGNE.  During the course of the evening, CHIVAS will present the famous London-based author and style historian, James Sherwood and his latest book, “The Perfect Gentleman,” (edition of Thames & Hudson), a lavish publication celebrating the essence of men's elegance and the tradition of prestigious English tailors.  Additionally, another honored guest that evening will be the renowned perfumery house Penhaligon's, who will complement this sophisticated event with their unforgettable and unique scents.  Furthermore, guests will have the opportunity to view Rolls Royce models from the world-famous SK Collection owned by philanthropist Saulius Karossas, which will be luminously displayed in front of the Royal Palace. Exclusivity will be additionally boosted by exclusive demonstration of the SAMSUNG S9 latest ultra high-definition, superbly accenting attention to details.

The evening portion of our event will include a dinner gala and charity auction. Items to be auctioned will include watches from the TAG Heuer collection, limited edition fragrances and photographs, to name a few. An exclusive presentation of the prestigious jewelry Futuro Remoto, current global star of high-end jewelry, will be shown during the charity gala dinner at the Royal Palace, curated by Cristina Egger, 24 hours of Elegance Ambassador for Italy.

All proceeds will benefit “The Princess Katherine Foundation,” in efforts to preserve the priceless and historic artwork of the royal Karadjordjevic family. 
Following the “24 hours of Elegance” opening, guests will enjoy a CHIVAS master blender tasting, presented by its international brand ambassador, Mr.Alex Robertson. 

Day two of “24 hours of Elegance,” is marked as “Belgrade’s Classic Car Show 2013.” powered by UNIQA. This event will spotlight the 1949 Alfa Romeo 6C Pininfarina, of the world’s most famous collections of Corrado Lopresto, surely satisfying all of our avid auto enthusiasts.  
Additionally, “Auto Bild Grand Tour Historique,” will be showcasing a parade of beautiful classic cars from all over Southeast Europe which will parade across the 2.7 km route of the last pre-war, 1939 Belgrade Grand Prix formula race.  This part of the event will be organized in cooperation with The Serbian Federation of Historic Vehicles, The Belgrade Automobile Museum and Scuderia Zagreb. 

Each year, the event’s auto array leaves our attendees speechless. “24 hours of Elegance,” is confident in its efforts to make this year even better.
The latter part of our day will be dedicated to the “Concours d'Elegance 2013,” an exhibition which will be available to the general public in front of the Grand Casino Beograd. This display will feature hand-picked models of classic cars which will be evaluated by a professional jury, selecting the “Best of Show”. 

Also, “The Masters of Car Design” exhibition featuring Pavle Trpinac, designer of the latest Rolls-Royce Wraith model, will take place in front of the Grand Casino Beograd under the patronage of the Municipality of Zemun, and in cooperation with the largest regional automotive design conference AUTO® from Zagreb, Croatia.

The second part of the day will be devoted to our "Luxury Salon" in partnership with The Economist, which will be held in the conference part of the Grand Casino Beograd. This excellence conference and style exhibition will include eminent panellists, presenting top luxury brands from around the world:  Kilgour, pinnacle of British elegance; Saint Crispin's, masters of unique handmade shoes; Lotusier Interiors, dedicated to conceptualizing and developing residential and commercial spaces; TAG Heuer Masterpiece Collection, edition of haute horlogerie timepieces as well as Penhaligon's, supreme perfume-makers from London, and Futuro Remoto, undisputed jewelry designers.  Author James Sherwood will address our attendees before presenting his second book,"Savile Row.”  Finally, the Latest Rolls-Royce model, the Wraith, will be presented by its designer, Belgrade born, Pavle Trpinac. Following the conference, visitors will be able to enjoy the luxury products showcase enjoying an ABSOLUT cocktail.

Afternoon entertainment will be additionally enhanced with STAR & CARS live photo session powered by renowned HELLO magazine.
Best of Show award ceremony will be held in front of the Grand Casino Belgrade with support of numerous fans and enthusiasts in the early evening.
Attendees can also look forward to Mumm Cordon Rouge Champagne Premiere featuring the latest film of acclaimed director, Gianluca Migliarotti,  portraying Vitale Barberis Canonico, iconic creators of the world's most precious fabrics, which is realized through a collaboration with our global media partner, Luxury Group, which operates on 3 continents (Europe, America, Asia), in 6 languages and covers the market of 1.94 billion people and more than 821 million Internet users.
The most glamorous event of the evening will be the Kilgour of Savile Row and Bernard Weatherill catwalk show, which will be held in front of the Grand Casino Beograd fountains as of 9 pm. For the third time in a row, this exclusive area will shine with beautiful models from the distinguished house of elegance. Finally, the “Chivas 24 hours of Elegance,” closing party will be held at the Grand Casino Beograd’sDiva Lounge

This gathering will represent a wonderful ending to a unique event, combining different spheres of luxury and elegance for an unforgettable evening. 

Be our guests on September 7th, and experience a truly unique and prestigious world class event. Welcome!

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